Angel Joy Chavis-Rocker


         Angel Joy Rocker is a professional educator and guidance
         counselor, motivational speaker and writer on educational, social
         and cultural issues confronting African-American society.

         She is the founder of a ministry, Kids 1st America/Africa, an
         organization dedicated to reforming choice in education for

         Mrs. Rocker received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University
         of North Carolina, in Greensboro, N.C. She completed
         her degree in three years with honors as cum laude and was
         inducted into the Golden Chain Honor Society.  She later
         completed her Master of Education degree from Georgia State
         University in Atlanta, Georgia and was inducted into Chi Sigma
         Lota and Kappa Delta Pi honor societies for outstanding academic

         Mrs. Rocker grew up in a low income, non-professional family in
         North Carolina.  Both mother and father instilled the principles of
         academic excellence, professionalism, service and character while
         providing her with school choice without seeking preferential

         She is married to Arthur M. Rocker, Sr. and is the mother of
         Arthur M. Rocker III.  Her greatest accomplishment and most
         cherished responsiblity is her role as mother! She has two lovely
         stepchildren, Arthur, Jr., and Monica Rocker.

         She resides in Navarre Beach, FL.  She enjoys biking and
         walking.  Her hobbies are Christian care counseling, interior
         decorating and shopping.

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Position on Major Issues

     Rocker's primary issues are education, the justice system and health-care.  She believes that the US shouldn't be spending money overseas when issues like education and healthcare continue to decline in standards.  She also believes in a choice between public education and vouchers. She focus a lot of goals on destroying racial tensions. Her position on Affirmative Action is as follows: "I believe in mending, not ending Affirmative Action." Rocker supports a justice system free of discrimination. She believes in the 10/20/life legislation, which requires a life sentence for selling crack, and not cocaine. She is in favor of citizens having the option of a medical savings plan. She is for "limited, but legitimate government."


                     "The odds are already stacked against Angel Joy
                     Chavis Rocker in her quest to be the next president of the
                     United States.
                     She has no political experience, no name recognition and no
                     campaign money. Furthermore, Rocker, who is a Black American, is also a
                     registered Republican."
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 Rocker says that she should be treated like any other candidate, however the media always mentions and mostly talks about the fact that she is the first black women to run for president. She has very meager funding, which is isn't traceable. Her only campaign strategy so far has been to utilize the internet. The articles that can be found on Angel Rocker come mostly from her website, which are obviously biased.

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                        Authors: Rob C. and Kenn W.